Our Approach

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  • Diversified model portfolios for a range of different investor risk profiles.

  • Utilise best-in-class solutions via internal and external capability.

  • Custom solutions for wholesale investors, family offices & charitable trusts.

  • Co-Investment opportunities.

  • Individual offerings for investors looking for a single asset class exposure.

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Asset Classes


Fixed Interest

  • Operate a conservative approach within this asset class

  • Use of predominantly external managers

  • Preference for short term duration strategies with high average credit rating


Global Equities

  • Utilise a mix of best-in-class external managers and internally driven themes

  • Prefer external managers with a flexible and high conviction mandate

  • Rigorous monitoring of all external managers

Australasian Equities

  • Internal Australasian equity strategy run by Pathfinder Asset Management

  • A mix of top down (macro-economic views) and bottom up (company research) considerations in order to create a high conviction portfolio.

  • Absolute Return Focus

Hedge Funds

  • Absolute return investment styles that can complement other investment classes

  • Long/short equity managers offer an exposure to equity markets with lower volatility and correlations

  • Other uncorrelated hedge fund strategies 

  • Ability to leverage off Alvarium’s considerable experience in hedge fund experience

Private Market Assets

  • Internally created private debt and unlisted equity opportunities

  • Typically offer much higher returns than traditional asset classes in exchange for lower liquidity

  • Sourced via Alvarium’s internal capabilities

  • Private Debt product available via a tax-efficient New Zealand PIE Fund

  • Wholesale investors can access these opportunities on a deal-by-deal co-invest basis alongside Alvarium’s global network of families