Our Partners


Kapstream is a respected “absolute return” global Fixed Income manager, based in Sydney.

Alvarium makes the Kapstream Absolute Return Income Plus Fund available to New Zealand investors via a PIE structure.


Public Trust has been chosen by Alvarium as an independent custodian for our clients’ assets and as supervisor of our managed funds.

This gives our clients an additional level of comfort around security of their funds.

Pathfinder Logo + Line.png

Pathfinder Asset Management Ltd. In February 2019, a controlling stake was acquired in Pathfinder Asset Management, NZ’s leading Responsible Investment Fund Manager.


CareSaver was recently launched by Pathfinder, a KiwiSaver Scheme which aspires to be NZ’s most ethical KiwiSaver. CareSaver not only excludes “bad” industries, but actively invests in “good” industries.